Cross Chargeability: Get your Green Card faster

What is Cross Chargeability? Cross chargeability is an immigration policy that allows certain Green Card applicants to benefit from the less restrictive visa quotas of another country. Specifically, it enables an applicant to be “charged” to a country other than their country of birth, often resulting in faster processing times. This policy is particularly useful … Read more

Can green card holders vote in local elections?

green card holders vote in local elections

Can green card holders vote in local elections? Voting is a fundamental part of civic engagement and a core aspect of democratic societies. This post will clarify the voting eligibility of green card holders, or permanent residents, particularly at the local level. While U.S. citizenship is a clear prerequisite for voting in federal elections, the … Read more

EB1 Green Card processing time and approval rates

EB1 Green Card processing times

EB1 Green Card processing time ranges from 8 to 20 months, as of today. The duration varies depending on the EB1 subcategory under which the application is filed, the service center, application volume, USCIS workload, your home country, your paperwork, and other factors. Understanding the current landscape of EB1 processing times is crucial for applicants … Read more