EB1 Green Card processing time and approval rates

EB1 Green Card processing time ranges from 8 to 20 months, as of today. The duration varies depending on the EB1 subcategory under which the application is filed, the service center, application volume, USCIS workload, your home country, your paperwork, and other factors.

Understanding the current landscape of EB1 processing times is crucial for applicants aiming to strategize their immigration journey efficiently. To give you a more accurate waiting time estimated I will list them by subcategories.

EB1A processing time

Processing times for EB-1A applications can range from 17 to 20 months. However, this subcategory offers a premium processing time for the initial process with a turnaround time of 15 days. Currently, the Nebraska Service Center has the fastest processing times.

EB1B processing time

Applicants in the category EB-1B can expect processing within 8 months. In this subcategory both service centers has a similar processing time.

EB1C processing time

For those applying to the EB-1C as multinational managers or executives, the processing window is currently around 9 months.

EB1 Green Card approval rates

EB-1 approval rate is about 80%, per USCIS 2022 table showing visas approved in Q1 and Q3. It’s imperative for potential applicants to meticulously prepare their documentation to align with the EB-1 eligibility requirements. Understanding the nuances of the application process and staying informed about any policy changes can significantly impact the outcome.

What is the EB1 Premium Processing?

The EB1 Premium Processing is available for the subcategory EB-1A. For those with extraordinary abilities or high-level roles, the processing time for the I-140 form is only 15 days. This premium processing incurs an additional fee of $2,805. This service is recommended for those who want to speed up the EB1 Green Card processing time.

What service center is faster?

Texas Service Center, know as TSC, is a bit faster. Although, has a similar processing time as the Nebraska Service Center (NSC). You can find the current application processing times on the USCIS website. Also, USCIS offers an online tool to check the case status. It’s important to note that applicants cannot select their service center. USCIS determines the filing location based on the intended state of employment and the jurisdiction over the service centers.

How can apply to the EB1?

To apply for the EB-1, start by determining your eligibility. For the EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability) category, you can self-petition. For EB-1B (Outstanding Professors and Researchers) or EB-1C (Multinational Manager or Executive), you’ll need an employer sponsorship. All categories require submitting Form I-140. Read the criteria for the EB-1 subcategories on the USCIS website.

written by Alexander Alfano
Alexander Joseph Alfano is the Director and Chief Legal Counsel of Financial Legal Group INC. He's a distinguished lawyer in since 1993, specializes in financial services, immigration law, nonprofit corporations, and civil cases.