Dictionary of US Visas: From A to Z

In the quest for the American Dream, accurate visa information is crucial. “Dictionary of US Visas: From A to Z” by Alexander Joseph Alfano stands out. It’s an essential guide for non-immigrant aliens. Alfano’s book surpasses online information, offering a key resource on US visas.

Why this book is your essential visa companion

“Dictionary of US Visas: From A to Z” by Alexander J. Alfano could save you hundreds of research hours. Ideal for students, professionals, or tourists, it guides you through the visa process. This book is more than just a guide; it’s a gateway to understanding the legal pathways to the US.

Authority and expertise

Alexander Joseph Alfano’s knowledge lights up the book. He gives readers facts they can trust. In a often unclear online information, “Dictionary of US Visas: From A to Z” is a clear guide. It leads readers safely through their US visa journey.

Staying ahead with QR codes

In a burst of innovation, this book features integrated QR codes, enabling easy access to resources with a simple scan. Get into the details of each classification and save time by directly visiting forms and relevant information on your phone as you read.

A Land of Opportunity Awaits

Interest in the United States as a destination grows exponentially every day. Indeed, after the pandemic, countries that were considered powers were severely impacted by the effects of the virus. Many of them have succumbed to the inability to manage their resources, their government systems, and even their own populations.

The size of the United States’ economy is currently estimated at $21.5 trillion. Certainly, far surpassing countries like China and Japan, which follow in second and third place, respectively. Among European countries, Germany appears in sixth place, and much lower down, Russia in twelfth place. This reality is eloquent and arouses the interest of readers around the world in getting closer to the United States.


The “Dictionary of US Visas: From A to Z” bridges dreams to reality. It offers practical guidance, authoritative insights, and innovative features. It’s essential for anyone navigating US visa complexities. This book supports academic, career, or travel dreams to the United States. It’s your first step towards achieving those goals.

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